Drilling Well Integrated Management Services

Petronovo integrated services produce solutions by providing coordination across all petronovo product service line products delivered effective plans with cost optimization and introducing different types of integrated services , using the new technology and expertise to resolve the drilling complications , reduce time and cost .

Based on the client requirements, worldwide experience two types of integrated services , Petronovo can deliver and compete. 


Tier-1 Light  Drilling well Integrated Management Services (LD-WIMS)

PETRONOVO supply a global team of Project Controls consultants, skilled professionals and technologists having wide industrial knowledge and international experience in resolving technical complications, supervise drilling rig operations, complete well delivery process from Planning-Execution and After Action Review .

Deliver integrated well ,meet company asset requirement .


Tier-2 Turn Key Project Management Drilling well Integrated Management Services (HD-WIMS)

Petronovo in progress to sign agreements with most powerful and accredited service providers to be one of the best worldwide integrated management supplier. Rig contractor – Cementing Company -Drilling Fluids -Bits -Well Head- Completion -Directional Company.

Petronovo (HD-WIMS) Integrated Services delivers solutions by providing coordination across all product service lines to reduce costs and increase production. We work closely with our regional technical teams in the application of new technology to drive performance and efficiency.


Our HD-WIMS coordinator are experienced in drilling and completions planning, and work according to product service line and industry best practices to deliver streamlined well construction and intervention services. By directing a range of services, Our HD-WIMS coordinator offer a single point of contact for all of Petronovo service lines. Internal coordination for the logistics of all Petronovo services and provide you with daily operations and HSE reports.

We can fill in resources gaps in conjunction H-DIMS  to help the client achieving the goals and targets

For all drilling, completion re-entry-production-intervention, and abandonment projects we can provide all services with best performance optimization plans and great cost and time saving .