Real Time Drilling Management Center

PetroNovo Real Time Drilling Management center facilitate dynamic well construction. With PetroNovo Real-Time Solution, you can visualize your well at your desktop and mobile. You can always know exactly what is happening with your well, even when thousands of miles away so you can address and solve the situation quickly. RTDMC allow subject matter experts and other scarce human resources to collaborate and solve problems of any rig without being physically present on the rig.


PetroNovo RDTMC Features:

-  Manage remote location operation

-  Predict drilling problems and facilitate in taking preventive action ,Stuck pipe and well control .

-  Collaboration and Shared experience

-  Minimize HSE issue by reducing the number of staff from site

-  Decrease the time it takes to make right decision by facilitating collaboration in real time.

-  Helps identify ILT (Invisible Lost Time) , mitigate NPT (Non Productive Time) and reduce cost

-  Customize alerts for problems

-  Data Management in Digital format

-  Multi-rig data flow facilitates

-  KPI reports

-  Custom Visualization

-  Custom Calculations

-  24 x 7 Operation Support

-  Mobile device accessibility

-  Facilitate in Training and mentoring

-  Facilitate knowledge transfer


Fully adaptable to needs and conditions of particular location